About Us

We reimagine how people share a slice of home.

Home: {hom} noun; the residence of an individual or family; a place of refuge;
the person or place you want to return to over and over.

Too often in the current world do travelers arrive to a hotel and conclude that their choice was that of a rushed decision. A haste mistake, an impersonal transaction, that leaves them feeling like they want to forget it.

At HomeSlice, we live for the arrival of a guest, who leaves as family. Our natural, collected approach of applying generous genuine interest in every guest's experience, makes every journey, our journey.

At HomeSlice, we create an ideal world, where everything is where you need it to be, even if for a night. Our capacity to design for every client, a system of control for their properties production, or a seamless integration of technology/maintenance, expands time beyond boundaries. We enhance all aspects of vacation rental hospitality, investing, and developing with our high tech, high touch approach. Each property has a unique mark of distinction, that elevates the factors for ROI and brand identity.

With HomeSlice, our detailed internal marketing process, comprehensive analysis and fine-tuned investment financial modeling, reveals STR strategies for occupancy, ADR, expansion and risk assessment. With HomeSlice you are in good company, we it handle it all, so you can take that vacation you deserve..