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Consulting Sessions with Experienced Investors and Advisors

By popular demand, Mashvisor now offers consulting sessions with experienced real estate investors and advisors who can give you personalized tips and strategies!

Our inaugural group of Mashmentors are hand-picked fellow Mashvisor users with years of experience investing in real estate and consulting other investors across diverse investment strategies, property types, and deal sizes.

Check out their profiles below and book your session today!


Frank Kosiba

Skilled multi-family/city/vacation rental investor with short and long term positions. 7 years of investing experience.

EXPERTISE: Buy and hold asset strategies, short-term vacation rentals, and purchase evaluation

ABOUT FRANK: Frank started off in real estate by purchasing the building in which he was renting an apartment using an FHA loan, which actually lowered his monthly payment! He was hooked. Frank enjoys investing and helping friends evaluate properties in their local markets, both buy & hold and fix & flip opportunities. As long as the numbers make sense, he’ll help you find a creative way to make it happen. Frank and his wife are now looking to expand via syndication in the AZ market.

RATE: $130 per 45-minute session


Jay Arena

Investor with single & multi-family portfolio including rehab and new construction. 10 years of investing experience.

EXPERTISE: Evaluating subject properties, making offers, and mortgage eligibility/financing

ABOUT JAY: Jay is a professional investment advisor. He manages money for families and institutions across stock, bond, and alternative investment assets classes. In 2013 Jay began building a rental property portfolio for himself which now includes both local and long-distance properties, single and multi-family, new construction and rehab.

RATE: $80 per 45-minute session


Rebekah Converti

Real estate investor and financial coach. 10 years of investing experience.

EXPERTISE: Finding key areas, underwriting traditional and Airbnb purchase options, and maximizing the info provided by Mashvisor

ABOUT REBEKAH: Over the past 10 years Rebekah has devoted her life to the purchase and sale of real estate as an investor and financial coach. Her expertise in underwriting, development, value add, design, and creative funding strategies makes her advice an invaluable asset to any investor. If you want to know what to buy and where to buy it, Rebekah will be happy to show you ideal investment opportunities that maximize your return. Even better, she will show you how she does it so you can learn along the way.

RATE: $139 per 45-minute session


Mike Richardson

Real estate advisor and consultant at Mashvisor. 4 years of consulting experience.

EXPERTISE: Finding top rental markets, analyzing real estate data, and using analytics to identify profitable investment properties

ABOUT MIKE: Mike is a real estate advisor at Mashvisor, the leading consumer real estate analytics platform. With years of experience consulting all levels of residential real estate investors, he has accumulated deep expertise in the specific locales, indicators, and market trends that advanced real estate investors consider when evaluating new opportunities. With a pulse on the very latest market news, lending opportunities, and rental management strategies, Mike leverages his knowledge to help Mashvisor users find lucrative investment opportunities.

RATE: $70 per 45-minute session


How do Mashmentor consulting sessions work?

Once you’ve found the Mashmentor you think can most help you achieve your real estate investment goals, schedule a time with them from the links above. You’ll receive a calendar invitation with a Zoom link.

At the time of your session, a Mashvisor representative will join the Zoom call to make sure you and your Mashmentor are able to connect and to take payment information before the session begins.

From there, your Mashmentor will take the lead to learn about your goals, share their experience, and give invaluable advice!