Partnering with Home Slice Stays seals success.
Home Slice Stays, a purpose-driven Orlando vacation rental manager, delivers superior returns, stress-free home protection, and trusted partnerships.

Home Slice Stays is a vacation rental operator that enhances homeowners' investments and guest experiences.

We excel in the vacation rental industry by promoting every property in our portfolio as a lucrative investment. Home Slice Stays properties are showcased on 65+ online booking platforms for maximum revenue.

Rather than outsourcing, Home Slice Stays maintains control through its dedicated in-house teams.

Distinguish yourself by providing your clients with exclusive services.
Home Slice Stays assists real estate professionals in setting themselves apart from competitors and attracting more clients. Our valuable tools and resources designed for clients provide realtors with the information required to seal deals.

Our objective is to establish valuable collaborations with skilled real estate agents, enabling them to offer vacation rental services to their clients in return for referral fees.

Why Partner with Home Slice Stays?

Straightforward joint investment predictions illustrate how a marginally larger initial client investment results in sustained returns within the vacation rental sector.

Home Slice Stays can produce an informative rental estimate within 24 hours, eliminating any delay in making offers on sought-after properties.

Home Slice Stays homeowners collaborate with a dedicated Owner Experience Manager who offers continuous investment oversight, detailed financial reports, monthly cap rate analysis, and more. All of this is designed to help your clients achieve their objectives.

Who Partners with us?

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We Excel in Co-Branded Purchase Pro Formas

We're the analytical experts. When your client expresses interest in purchasing a vacation home, we perform a comprehensive property analysis. This enables us to present a recommended initial investment that maximizes ROI, complete with two comparables at different price points.

Advanced Rental Estimation

We harness cutting-edge technology, design, and a vertically integrated approach to provide you and your clients with insights into their purchases. Our homeowners consistently enjoy returns that surpass the vacation rental market by 30-50%.

Innovative Property Promotion

Home Slice Stays-listed properties receive exposure across 65+ online booking platforms, including Airbnb, Vrbo, Expedia, and more. Our experienced marketing team employs both digital and traditional strategies like SEO, email marketing, online advertising, professional listing photography, content marketing, and social media to showcase our property portfolio.

Cost-Efficient Homeownership

When you recommend our services to your buyers or sellers, you can be confident that their relationships are in capable hands. Home Slice Stays employs advanced guest filtering systems and smart home technology to reduce utility costs. In addition, we have an in-house insurance team for hassle-free damage recovery.

Comprehensive Property Inspections

Our inspection team promptly arrives to assess each property right after guests check out, ensuring that all systems are in good working order. If any damage is detected, we capture it in time-stamped photos and involve our in-house maintenance team. Regular monthly and quarterly inspections are conducted to nip potential issues in the bud.

Top-Notch Housekeeping Services

At Home Slice Stays, our housekeeping team is unparalleled in their expertise. They meticulously follow a 150-point checklist and make use of our in-house linen service to thoroughly clean, organize, and sanitize homes before the arrival of new guests.

On-the-Go Maintenance Team

Our in-house maintenance squad is highly skilled, licensed, and accessible around the clock for any guest concerns. In addition to providing complimentary basic maintenance, we offer additional upgrade services such as propane delivery, weekly pool maintenance (each pool within our Home Slice Stays portfolio is cleaned before and during a guest’s stay), HVAC servicing, electrical work, plumbing, and more.

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