Short Term Rental Property Management

“Birds Eye View” Full Service Management

  • Award winning professional photography
  • Private owners portal to oversee revenue daily
  • Listing creation & calendar management
  • Answering guest inquiries
  • 24 hour on-call guest support
  • Professional cleaning / linens service
  • Full property maintenance & management
  • Interior Designing
  • Website design and branding
  • Occupancy driven approach
  • Five star service
  • Exclusive Concierge experiences
  • Listing on Google Travel, HomeAway, VRBO, Expedia, AirBnB and over 300+ channels!

Want to begin earning the most for your vacation rental but not sure where to start?

We can can offer advice and also set up the perfect vacation rental home so that you can feel confident.

With our experience and guidance we can show you the magic to understanding what your rental property heart desires.

HomeSlice is driven by a high tech, smart approach and high touch, hospitality experience!

Guest Communication & Reporting

As a rental business owner, you need to take great care of your guests but cannot cater to their needs 24/7. That’s where HomeSlice comes in. Our team of professionals provide round-the-clock assistance for your customers, handling late-night reservations, emergencies and more.

We have curated more than 50,000 guest selections and carefully match the homeowner with the guest, ensuring the safety and security of your property. Clients also receive accounting, reporting and offer monthly data to show how your rental business is performing.


5-Star Concierge Service

Happy guests are key to a successful rental property business. As your property management partner, our renters are treated to a 5-star concierge experience. We handle in-home grocery delivery, restaurant and activity reservations and even pick up baby items when needed.

Other services include access to private chefs, drivers, and maids who ensure the comfort of your guests for the whole duration of their stay. We also curate local area events, particularly those that help your customers experience the local culture to the fullest.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning up after guests is one of the major inconveniences for homeowners who wish to turn their home into a rental business. Our quality in-house cleaning services, avoiding potential substandard work that can lead to cancellations and bad reviews. We also assist with hiring plumbers, electricians, landscapers, and designers and we can oversee that the jobs are done and planned around the guests stays.


Effective Vetting and Noise Monitoring

Noise concerns are a major pain point for short-term rental owners. For no additional monthly fee, we can equip the property with noise sensors, which limit potential noise violations. NoiseAware is our choice for effective monitoring. We speak to each and every guest prior to properly vet and assure the protection of your property.

Interior Design Improvement

Transform your home interior into a comfortable and beautiful space that attracts more guests. We can help consult, design and execute home upgrades while being mindful of maximizing your return on investment and minimizing costs. We will install all decor for you even if you are out of state and can design with your esthetic preferences and work with you to create your luxury vacation home.


Professional Photography

The number of guests and rental price can be considerably affected by the photographs used for promotion. If you have high quality photos of your space, great! We can use your photos or offer a complimentary professional photographer.

Listing & Price Optimization

HomeSlice uses a dynamic pricing software called PriceLabs and AirDNA which allows us to update your property rental price on a daily basis. This has been proven to increase revenue 10%-40%. Price adjustments are based on seasonality, the number of inquiries received daily, competitors’ price changes, booking frequencies, and actual reservations. We list on more than 20 channels to increase the occupancy and potential for revenue!


On-Site Staffing

Too busy to welcome your guests personally? Our highly trained professionals can see to your guests comfort upon arrival. Missing items and damages are accounted for and handled in a professional manner, and our staff can even oversee the cleaning.