Vacation Rental Management

Limitless Property Management
  • Inventory oversight and HomeSlice provided supplies
  • Landscape renovation or care services
  • Maintenance and repair on call
  • In house cleaning team coordination
  • Improvements and contractors on call
  • Inspection reports 
  • 24/7 care 
  • Smart technology control
  • Full service management
  • Garbage control
  • Luxury Linen package
  • Full service set up with HomeSlice interior designers
  • Experience package deliveries
  • Professional photography and videographers
  • Mass social media channel marketing
  • HomeSlice additional insurance coverage per reservation
Dynamic Listing Control
  • Listing creation and optimization
  • Dynamic personalized rate setting with internal team
  • Personalized guest concierge front desk and communication
    (before, during, and after their stay)
  • Vetting and screening guests
  • Creating trust and guest expectations with reviews
  • Handling deposits and all transactions
  • Multi-calendar coordination for multiple listings
  • 24/7 emergency contact
  • Detailed house manuals with branded material 
  • HomeSlice provides each guest shampoo/conditioner/soap and local goodies
  • Upselling for local experiences
Multiple Integrations
  • VRBO
  • AirBnB
  • Expedia
  • Marriott Homes & Villas
  • TripAdvisor
  • Furnished Finders
  • Smiling House
  • Booking
  • Expedia
  • Agoda
  • +300 more
Client Concierge

Seize the luxury of more.

Client details:
  • Second by second occupancy on demand
  • Daily revenue projections 
  • Private, secured information
  • Block off your dates instantly
  • Change your pricing w/real time data
  • Secure local reservations and experiences
Why you’ll thrive
You need to see what your revenue is while on your own vacation with your feet kicked up.Reach out to the in house accountant and revenue manager to rest assured.
See what your making in real time. You make the rules. Establish control at the touch of a button.

Trusted Community Experts
  • 12 years experience
  • Organic well reviewed relationships word of mouth referral
  • Real Estate Investments strategies and portfolio acquisition
  • Interior design team
  • In house cleaning team
  • Front Desk Hospitality Support
  • Logo design for personal portfolio
  • Audience strategies and branding experts
  • Website development
  • Vendors of exclusive photographers/videographers
  • Consultants to larger vacation rental management companies
  • Detailed analytics per investment for house on request
  • Full Social Media Services on request

Awarded for Vacation Rental Hospitality




The HomeSlice Stays team has experience managing and acquiring close to 300 vacation rentals nationwide.

Over 200M in assets managed in the past 6 years.

Its not about us, its about your investment. We are here to support and enjoy the process.

Our experiences:

  • Interior Design
  • Luxury home acquisition
  • Acquisition Analysis nationwide
  • Underwriting and proforma
  • Investment Portfolio Management
  • Smart technology integration
  • Insurance coverage solution
  • 30+ online travel agency management
  • Trusted cleaning protocol operations
  • Curating lowest vendor pricing
  • Owner revenue forecasting
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Results Driven


We oversee everything, with an in house team of game changers.

Our gift, is keeping your revenue high with insight, talent, and skill.

Making a turnkey investment feel extraordinary, like you.

5 Star standard

We value our amazing partners.

  • Proven time and time again
  • Close trusted connections
  • One Stop Shop
  • Pricing Expertise
What relationships we’ve created →

Buyer FAQs

What kind of reporting will HomeSlice provide me?

HomeSlice provides their owners with a full-time accountant who breaks down all of the costs associated with your property. We are also launching an owner’s portal soon so that you can see exactly how your property is doing. 

Will I have to worry about taxes?

Airbnb remits taxes on the owner’s behalf, and for any other platform that your property is booked through, we remit taxes on your behalf through these platforms.

What do property managers charge?

Property managers charge on average a 20% management fee. Rest easy knowing that everything is taken care of for you with our 24/7 care all for a flat 20% fee.

How do I access my home?

We install a smart lock on each home that can be opened with a code that we will send to you, and that code changes with every new guest for security purposes.

What happens if there is a guest emergency?

HomeSlice oversees your property completely, in the case of an emergency we will address it, come in contact with you, and handle the solutions.

Do I have to commit to a certain amount of availability?

Up to 30 days a year, unless negotiated otherwise. Owner cannot sublease out with other management company, as we are exclusive with the owner. Home owners can use the property at a discounted rate for friends and family.

How do you handle security deposits and damage?

HomeSlice is the only company that provides insurance to their owners up to $1500 in damages which is covered in the $35 one time onboarding charge. On top of this, you are covered up to a million dollars in insurance through Airbnb.

Can my home make money as a vacation rental?

Depends! Its apples to apples comparison but our background in investment strategies gives you the peace of mind to know your making an accurate decision. Book a call with us to start the process. 

Do you have lenders and real estate agents?

We have an exclusive network of trained agents and lenders who we have worked with to handle all of our vacation rental transactions.

Can you help me with interior design?

It’s proven that design can increase the productivity of your home by 40%. When you purchase with HomeSlice Stays we are able to handle all of the interior design and branding concepts for you. Like a one-stop shop. On-site or offsite we can deliver a turn-key package. 

What is the best performing property?

Data shows us which property perform the best down to a science. We can analyze the perfect location and features that will be highly popular. 

Can you buy the property for us?

Yes, we can!