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Come to us before you buy and we can give you several options for high revenue producing houses in the state of your preference.

Our research is based on hard numbers, not scrapped data.

We connect you with real estate agents in every city that we cherish and have long lasting relationships with who know our end goals.



Let the guests pay the mortgage for you

There is a difference in the hot zones you buy within. Our map can show you exaclty where the sweetest spot is in any city you choose to purchase. These hot zones produce the highest as a vacation rental within that region.

Lending solutions

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We have connections with lenders in every city. You'll be taken care of from start to finish. Our lenders have experience underwriting for vacation rentals.


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Buyer FAQs

Can my home make money as a vacation rental?

Depends! Its apples to apples comparison but our background in investment strategies gives you the peace of mind to know your making an accurate decision. Book a call with us to start the process. 

Do you have lenders and real estate agents?

We have an exclusive network of trained agents and lenders who we have worked with to handle all of our vacation rental transactions. 

Can you help me with interior design?

Its proven that design can increase the productivity of your home by 40%. When you purchase with HomeSlice Stays we are able to handle all of the interior design and branding concepts for you. Like a one stop shop. On site or offsite we can deliver a turn key package. 

What is the best performing property?

Data shows us which property perform the best down to a science. We can analyze the perfect location and features that will be highly popular. 

Can you buy the property for us?

Yes we can!