“Hands down, DACK is the number one choice for guest technology, room access, IoT control, and more.” – Ellie, our founder.

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DACK Drives the Post-Booking Economy for the Short-Term Rental Industry

DACK, a mobile-first SaaS platform for short-term rental operators and their guests, signs over 1,000 doors only four months after soft-launching. DACK’s technology suite services rental operators, guests, and vendors with a single-point mobile interface, providing the most-integrated lodging technology on the market. DACK enables short-term rental operators to maximize revenue for every booking with upsell features including amenity purchases, while digital key entry and contactless check-ins translate into better guest experiences. To learn more about DACK, visit www.dackinc.com.

DACK founder and investor Damon Mintzer, an early executive at GSI Commerce (acquired by eBay), has coined the term ‘post-booking economy’ to describe the wide-ranging transactional opportunities available to operators, vendors, and guests after a rental booking has been made.

Mintzer explained, “The short-term rental industry has lagged behind other travel-related industries when it comes to unlocking ancillary revenue streams by traditionally focusing on limited supplementary services; meanwhile the airline industry has mastered the art of unlocking revenue by charging for add-on benefits such as in-flight F&B, preferred seating, priority boarding, trip modifications, and even baggage. DACK introduces an ancillary revenue strategy for operators that also improves the guest experience.”

DACK closed a seed round of $2.2 M in early 2021; investors include Wonder Ventures, Troy Capital Partners, David Blitzer, Michael Rubin, Navid Mahmoodzadegan, and Jarl Mohn. With virtually no marketing output, DACK has attracted established rental operators including 710 Beach Rentals, Righteous Rentals, HomeSlice Stays, Diamond Edge, 4 Degrees, Patriot Rentals and over 1,000 doors in Q1.

Ellie Paget, founder of short-term rental management company HomeSlice, shared, “Hands down, DACK is the number one choice for guest technology, room access, IoT control, and more.”

Gregoy Rollins, founder of Righteous Rentals, added, “It seems like I’ve been asking company after company when they are going to do exactly what DACK is doing.”

Rental operators using DACK report, on average, 88% of guests downloaded DACK, and a staggering 63% of completed an upsell transaction, a promising data point in a 1.4 trillion-dollar market. DACK benefits and application integrations are extensive; guests can expect a safe, contactless check-in, and reliable digital key access; and the guest app also includes intuitive property guides, dynamic local recommendations and stay-customization features. DACK’s IoT integrations mean lodging energy settings can be automated whether occupied or vacant. Room cleaning, car service, and food delivery request tools are among the many enhancements that guests can expect when using the mobile app. DACK’s SaaS Platform is built with cutting-edge technology for the hospitality space; DACK’s AI-powered IoT, Mobile, and PMS Integration solutions ensure a seamless guest experience before they step into a property. Technology agnostic, DACK provides the unique ability to function with any major property management system or IoT device so that the benefit set for operators and guests continues to grow. DACK will open its Series A round in June 2021, with an accelerated expansion strategy already underway.

About DACK: DACK is only app you will need when you travel. DACK’s revolutionary AI-powered SaaS Platform delivers guest experience solutions, the guest application and operator toolkit help operators everywhere provide exceptional stays for their guests. DACK is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. To learn more, visit www.dackinc.com.

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