Experience Scottsdale is a 501(c)(6) nonprofit, private company that has contracts with the City of Scottsdale and Town of Paradise Valley to conduct destination marketing efforts on behalf of these municipalities.

Originally founded in 1987 as the tourism arm of the Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce, Experience Scottsdale became a standalone organization in 2001. The organization has more than 40 full- and part-time employees, along with a volunteer board of directors composed of local hospitality and tourism industry leaders.

Our staff brands the Scottsdale area as a world-class destination through advertisements, campaigns, social media and a variety of marketing and sales tactics. We work with meeting planners from all over the world to book their business in Scottsdale. We spread the word about the great things in Scottsdale by garnering media coverage both nationally and internationally. Plus, we teach travel agents how to sell our destination to their clients and work to get Scottsdale information in brochures and promotions.


To establish Scottsdale as a year-round, luxury travel destination.


To enhance the local community by promoting the Scottsdale area as a luxury destination for meetings, events and leisure travel.


  • Generate visitor-related economic impact for the Scottsdale market area
  • Foster positive relationships with customers and stakeholders
  • Run an effective business
  • Enhance the long-term health and development of the destination


Our primary funding comes from bed-tax revenue collected by Scottsdale resorts and hotels and passed along to the City of Scottsdale. Half of the City’s bed tax is allocated to Experience Scottsdale for destination marketing initiatives. The remaining bed-tax revenue is used for tourism-related capital projects, special events and more by the City of Scottsdale. The City’s contract with Experience Scottsdale is overseen by the City’s Tourism & Events Department and the Tourism Development Commission.

We also serve as the Town of Paradise Valley’s destination marketing organization and receive bed-tax revenue via our contract with the Town.

Another public funding source is the State of Arizona, via Proposition 302, in which Maricopa County hotel operators and rental car companies collect and pass along an additional tax to the state that is then split and invested into numerous projects.

As a membership-based organization with more than 400 members, we also receive some private-sector revenue via membership dues and through program participation fees.