The amenities you choose to have in your luxury vacation rental property makes all the difference. They are a key determiner as to whether a guest will return for their next vacation or not. For guests, luxury amenities and experiential design are one way to gauge whether they want to stay at a vacation rental
or not.
They prefer rentals with amenities that they don’t have at home. Since you have a luxury vacation rental property, you need to offer guests a premium experience. They want to “live like a local” and be inspired by the homes unique nuances as well as the culture surrounding the home.
The key to a successful service is identifying how guests’ demands have changed. These changes can include a rising interest in open space or rising concerns about health safety. To help you out, we have assembled a list of luxury vacation amenities to get in your rental property.

Basic Amenities on Your Luxury Vacation Rental Property
There are some basic amenities that guests expect the luxury rental property to have. These general
amenities help rental property managers to provide optimal satisfaction to a guest. They help in
enhancing almost every aspect of the stay and ensure they leave an excellent review.
1. Automated Check-in

One of the things that guests prefer is the flexibility of checking in. On many occasions, guests show up late, and their reservation gets cancelled.

One of the things that a luxury vacation rental property should include is automated check-in, which ensures that guests can check in at any time. It will also leave a good impression on guests.

We are able to make it the last four digits of the guests number and erase it after they leave. This allows us as well to observe the coming and going of the guests and lock the doors for ample security if its left ajar.

2. Lightning Fast Wi-Fi

In today’s age, an internet connection is a necessity for every home. Make sure that your property offers high-speed internet that allows for streaming, gaming, and seamless video calls. This experience will result in higher satisfaction among guests, and they’ll be sure to leave positive reviews online. 

Staycations and workcations are ever more popular and having a dedicated area for working abroad with fast wifi and details quickly available is a wonderful way to provide a sense of care.

3. Premium Concierge Services

Without premium concierge services like offering pre-stocked fridges, local reservation guides, private yoga, masseuse, and private chefs, than your vacation rental isn’t captivating enough. By exchanging more offerings than the competition, you are making your luxury vacation rental more desirable and offering a unique guest experience.

4. Gaming Console or gaming area

Who wouldn’t want to play their favorite video games on a big screen? Including a gaming console such as a Playstation or an X-Box can enhance the guest’s experience. Also, make sure to provide a wide range of games so that your rental property’s entertainment features stand out. Offering a dedicated area for this is also an amazing opportunity to showcase a well rounded fun stay for guests. Things like golf courts, pools, ping pong and pool tables are awesome to market and increase your online prescence amongst other homes.

5. A Welcome Complimentary Breakfast

For an amazing experience, make sure to impress them right from the start. Offer a free welcome breakfast or snacks. Showing them that you care with local flairs and treats, discounts and free items. The first impression counts!

6. Office Supplies

You never know when a digital nomad may arrive at your rental property, but it is important to be prepared. Make sure that you have the necessary office equipment to help them set up a personal workspace. A dedicated area where they can be as efficient and creative as possible so they can come back again and know they are able to achieve both work and play!

Luxurious Kitchen Amenities

A kitchen is an important place where your guests will come together to enjoy meals and make conversation. It’s important that you make sure of the following:

7. Custom-Stocked Fridge

You can stock up the fridge with the best beverages, snacks, chocolates, and other ingredients based on the guest’s personal preferences and eating restrictions. You can ask for this information before they arrive, so they get a personalized experience at your property.

8. Clean-up Kitchen Supplies

If your guests are planning a lengthy stay, it is important that you stock up on all essentials, including premium cleaning supplies.

9. Kids-friendly Equipment

When the guests bring a baby with them, make sure to provide adequate equipment such as strollers. This way, they won’t have to carry one all the way from home.

10. Pets-friendly Necessities

Any guest would appreciate that your luxury vacation rental property is pet-friendly. Make sure to cater to some basic pet needs, such as a water bowl and litter box.

Bathroom Amenities

Offer your guests a spa-like experience by taking care of the following bathroom amenities:

11. Premium Toiletries

Make sure to offer high-quality toiletries like shampoos, body soap, skin lotion, and hair conditioner. Opt for organic, high-quality products that align with your guests’ preferences.

12. Fresh Clean Fully Towels

Invest in soft and clean towels with some elegant trimming or embroidery for a premium look.

13. Grooming Items

It is a wise idea to include grooming items to make guests feel extra pampered.

14. Robes and Slippers

When your property already has comfortable robes and slippers, your guests will feel right at home.

15. Heated Floors

No one wants to feel the cold tiles after a shower. Therefore, it is a good idea to renovate the bathroom with a heated floor.

16. Hair Appliances

Make sure to include hair appliances such as hairdryers, curlers, and strengtheners.

17. First-Aid Kits

These are necessary for any vacation rental property. Add a first-aid box that’s complete with bandages, disinfectant, and gauze.

Bedroom Amenities

By offering the best bedroom amenities, you ensure that guests sleep well at night and get a fantastic experience.

18. Quality bedding and pillows

Invest in comfortable pillows and bedding to ensure that your guests feel well-rested. Ask the guests if they have a specific pillow or mattress requirements due to health conditions.

19. Herbal Tea

Herbal tea after dinner can comfort them and help them sleep better.

20. Sleep Masks and Earplugs

These offer guests a hotel-like experience so they can sleep peacefully.

21. Blackout Curtains

These curtains ensure that no sunlight comes through the windows. It helps guests sleep better.

22. Bedside Outlets

Many guests complain about the lack of outlets near the beds. Make sure you include sockets near the beds so they can charge their phone and other devices.

Outdoor Amenities

It is evident that guests won’t stay inside all day. Therefore maintaining outdoor amenities is important.

23. Outdoor Furniture

Make sure to furnish the patio or lawn with suitable chairs, tables, hammocks, and other outdoor furniture.

24. Sun Protection

To protect your guests from radiation, you can include patio umbrellas outside or even a gazebo.

25. Outdoor Games

Set up some swings in a small area so the kids can have fun outside.

26. A Private Pool

A private swimming pool gives guests the luxury of swimming in the comfort of their homes.

27. Barbeque Material

Some people love a good barbeque. Make sure to provide the necessary equipment, so they have a good time.

28. Outdoor Lighting

To help your guests enjoy lively nights at your luxury vacation rental property, install outdoor lighting. These are perfect for evening get-togethers.

29. Parking

Make sure to provide a parking space for their peace of mind. This way, they can rest assured that their vehicle is safe.

30. Bug Sprays

There can be plenty of pests looming outside. Therefore, provide your guests with suitable bug repellents that ensure a comfortable stay.

Final Thoughts

It is important to provide luxurious services and amenities, so your guests have a memorable stay. If this seems too much for you, you can contact competent luxury management services. At Homeslicestaysour professionals help you get more bookings and improve services. They also ensure that your luxury rental property has everything it needs to bring in more guests. At HomeSlice Stays, we offer premier design services on your behalf so you can worry less about that process.

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