Short-term rentals must have insurance. Many are aware of its importance and automatically receive rental insurance upon signing up. These rental insurances cover up to USD 1 million for property damage and physical injury.

Even though terms and conditions apply to these insurance policies, they intend to cover most damages caused during an accident. Therefore, if you want to host short-term rentals and enjoy peace of mind, you must consider short-term rental insurance to help you cover the damages and losses caused during accidents. Proper insurance plays a significant role in helping short-term rentals in covering damages. They are a leading company that offers rental insurance in the United States and has become among the leaders due to their professionalism. Here, we have a comprehensive guide on who Proper
Insurance is and how they help short-term rentals.

What Is Proper Insurance?

Proper insurance is a leading company providing short-term rental insurance. They are amongst the best insurance providers in the United States. They have based their Airbnb policies on the Lloyd’s of London policy and could customize them according to the host’s needs. They have something that
suits all budgets. Proper insurance is a short rental business that aims to serve the public and is bound by the same hospitality rules. Since rental properties do not have insurance to cover the loss, having commercial or business insurance could give them peace of mind.

How Much Does Short-term Rental Insurance Cost?
Short-term rentals are expensive compared to homeowners’ insurance costs. In the United States, short-term rental insurance costs vary from $2,000 to $3,000 per year, comparatively more expensive than homeowner’s insurance. The rental insurance costs may be even higher if the vacation rental property is at a popular tourist location in Las Vegas or Florida. However, in such cases, vacation rental owners must prepare to pay higher prices annually to benefit from full coverage.
Several other factors affect the cost of short-term rental insurance. They are:

If your deductible premiums are higher, your monthly costs will be lower.

Rental frequency
If your short-term rental property hosts more visitors, your insurance costs for the property will be expensive.


Amenities including hot tub, swimming pool, or fireplace raise annual insurance costs due to higher potential risks.

Replacement costs

If your short-term rental property requires complex techniques to repair faults, the insurance costs will be higher.

What Does Short-term Rental Insurance Cover?
Since short-term rental owners need to opt for an insurance plan to cover the damages, they must research thoroughly and choose a rental company that offers them the following:

Liability coverage
Before you choose an insurance policy, make sure it covers liability coverage. It is essential to have an insurance plan covering the guests’ injury costs during their stay at your rental property. Even though you assure the safety of the guests, accidents do happen. The liability for guests’ safety is a risk for vacation rental owners. Therefore, choosing an insurance plan that promises to minimize or eliminate the risk is crucial.

Rental income

Unpredictable events often lead to income loss. Therefore, you must pick an insurance plan that protects your rental property to avoid huge losses. However, the insurance plan may not cover 100 percent of your income, but even offering partial coverage may keep your business running.

Property and content coverage

Accidents such as fire, damage, or theft are unpredictable and lead to severe financial loss. Therefore, it is crucial to choose an insurance plan that covers the repair or replacement costs of the damaged items when unforeseen events occur.

Additional coverage

If you have a rental property where natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, or tornadoes occur frequently, you must get extra coverage. It is better to be safe than bear unpleasant consequences.

Why Should You Choose Proper Insurance?

Proper insurance is one of the leading insurance-providing companies in the United States. Companies like HomeSlice Stays work hand-in-hand with Proper Insurance to provide a one-of-a- kind, luxury vacation experience. The company has the hottest properties and exquisite local attractions in its portfolio to make your leisure trip all the more memorable. Thanks to Proper Insurance, all customers are covered for Damage Control on our luxury properties across the country. We offer $1500 Damage Coverage so you can enjoy life without stressing about little things. In addition, Proper Insurance promises to cover the property, its contents, business income, and any liabilities that may lead to financial damages. Therefore, the company protects you from property damage, loss of revenue, and liability claims. It also covers any property loss because of hosting, including vandalism, theft, or fire. Here is why we at HomeSlice Stays love to work with Proper Insurance:

Innovative solutions

Proper insurance company ensures to provide innovative solutions to cover the damage costs.


Once you hire us as your insurance company, you will see the commitment and determination among our team members to help their clients.


We have a team who focuses on your individual needs as a client and strive to deliver what our rental owners expect from us.


Proper Insurance Company offers quality services to help rental owners with the damages caused during the accidents.


Proper Insurance strives to respond to the rental owners for queries promptly. Therefore, our representatives are available to help our clients with any problems.


Our team helps to expedite quotes, assess risk, review policies, and mitigate loss. We value our clients’ time and work as a team to ensure quality service.


  • Added cost
  • It may not suit all hosts

What Do Proper Insurance Offer?

Since Proper Insurance offers insurance policies similar to Lloyd’s of London, you will enjoy the

following offers:

  • Standard commercial liability insurance: US$1 million
  • Optional commercial liability insurance: US$ 2 million
  • Coverage for loss of business income
  • A commercial policy package covering building, contents, liability, and income
  • Unlimited damages, vandalism, or theft caused by guests
  • Extended liability for bicycles, jacuzzi, pools, gym equipment, etc.

The Bottom Line

Short-term insurance is an investment that has multiple benefits. Proper Insurance Company provides rental properties with various offerings to help them cover the damages and losses caused by unpleasant accidents and disasters. Their professionalism and determination toward their clients are the secrets to their undeterred success. That is why HomeSlice Stays chooses Proper Insurance as its risk-free STR insurance partner.

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