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Why use a short-term rental calculator?

Short-term rentals through HomeS/ice Stays present a lucrative real estate opportunity, offering investors substantial returns in rental income and property appreciation. When scouting for new investment properties, it’s crucial for investors to grasp the potential rental income, expenses, seasonal trends, and local competition to determine the viability of a property as a successful Airbnb investment with HomeS/ice Stays.

How to use our free short term rental calculator:

Use HomeS/ice Stays’s free and easy short-term rental income calculator with these simple steps:

  1. Enter an address and specify the bedroom count on HomeS/ice
  2. Adjust filters for bathrooms, guest count, amenities, etc., and choose or remove comparable properties for a more accurate estimate.
  3. Check key short-term rental metrics like average daily rate (ADR), occupancy rate, revPAN (revenue per available night, calculated as: ADR x Occupancy), and get seasonal monthly and annual revenue projections based on forecasted market trends.

When you refer our services to your clients, rest assured their relationships are in capable hands. HomeS/ice Stays employs advanced guest filtering and smart home tech to cut utility costs, along with an in-house insurance team for seamless damage recovery.

What data will you receive with your revenue estimate?

What information is included in your revenue estimate from the HomeS/ice Stays Airbnb calculator?

– Average Daily Rate (ADR): The average posted rate for Airbnbs in the search over the next 30 days.
– Occupancy: The percentage of reserved nights over the next 30 days for Airbnbs in the search.
– RevPAN: The average revenue generated per available night for Airbnbs in the search over the next 30 days, calculated as ADR (Average Daily Rate) x Occupancy.
– Seasonalized Monthly Revenue Projection: An estimate of how much this address could earn on average per month as a short-term rental. The tool also provides a chart to visualize seasonality throughout the year, with the option to adjust it for the 25% and 75% percentiles.
– Nearby Comparable Properties: Airbnb rentals near the searched address. Including or excluding these comps refines the estimate, and you can also check their calendars for occupancy and pricing to help with pricing strategy.

HomeS/ice Stays
simplifies short term rental investing

What makes a succesful Airbnb?

Airbnb earnings can significantly differ depending on the property, market, and host. When evaluating a potential Airbnb investment, consider the following factors:

  1. Assess the level of competition in the specific market. Analyze the performance of other Airbnbs, and compare how your property measures up.

  2. Evaluate the demand for Airbnbs in the market relative to the existing supply. Examine the types of occupancy rates prevalent in the market.

  3. Check for any current or impending short-term rental regulations in the area that could impact your earning potential.

  4. Compare the size of your property to others in the market and determine if you offer any unique amenities.

  5. Understand the seasonality in the market. Determine if it remains relatively consistent or experiences notable peaks and valleys throughout the year.

What's the potential income
with Airbnb?

Having an Airbnb can serve as a top method for earning passive income, diversifying your portfolio, and securing monthly profits. Conducting thorough research and evaluating any potential investment will provide investors and potential hosts with insights into the profitability of a prospective investment based on their unique circumstances and the property involved.

What are common expenses to account for in your Airbnb profit calculation?

Common expenses to keep in mind for Airbnb profitability are as follows:

Fees of the online travel agency

Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) encompass platforms like Airbnb and Vrbo. These platforms levy a percentage of your booking revenue for featuring your listing. It’s advisable to consider allocating 3% of your revenue for channel fees.

Cleaning Fee

The Airbnb calculator we provide excludes cleaning fees, as these charges exhibit significant variations across different markets. Cleaning fees are often considered a “pass-through” fee, meaning you pay a cleaner, and the guest reimburses you for the cleaning fee.

Property Management Fee

When choosing an Airbnb property manager, it’s important to factor in the management fee they charge for overseeing your existing or new listing. In our case its only 20% of the nightly rate for HomeS/ice Stays management, and hasnt changed in 8 years.

Furnishing Cost

If you’re not acquiring a ready-to-go Airbnb property, it’s essential to consider the expenses associated with furnishing your new listing. Furnishing costs can vary significantly based on the property’s size, market, competition, and personal style preferences. The design plays a crucial role, and having a service like HomeS/ice with a designer to assist you in the process is invaluable.

Supply Costs

These are recurring expenses like coffee, toilet paper, shampoo, conditioner, and other consumables. With a management team like HomeS/ice, we handle restocking for you at a more economical rate.

short term rental accessories

HOA Fees, Real Estate Taxes, Insurance, Etc

These are charges that aren’t directly tied to the operation of a short-term rental but rather associated with property ownership.

Ongoing Maintenance

We would say this requires reserves in order to stay prepared. The home should always be in 5 star shape.

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