Thank you so much for booking with HomeSlice Stays.

We look forward hosting you as our guests.

Upon booking you automatically agree to follow the terms and conditions as laid out below.

Cancellation Policy

100% of the amount due for the duration of your stay is due at the time of booking. (Unless otherwise agreed in writing)

Guests may cancel at any time with a 100% refund minus 6% processing fee, up to 15 days before the arrival date.

Guests who wait to cancel will be charged 50% of the total amount as a cancellation
fee within 14 days before check-in.

For those who choose to cancel less than 24-hours before check-in, 100% of the total amount due will be charged.

Check-in: 3 PM
Check-out: 11 AM

Please follow this schedule, as there will be someone in the rental home before and after you, and the cleaners require this time to clean the home.


Failure to comply with maximum occupancy rules can lead to cancellation of your stay without refund.
If you want to throw a party, you will need permission in advance. People who come to visit the property are included as occupants unless otherwise agreed in advance with the management.

Smoking & Pets

When booking with us you agree not to smoke in the property or near open windows or doors. All guests agree not to bring any pets into the property without permission and payment for the privilege in advance upon approval.

Please note that only a select few properties are dog friendly and additional rules and fees will apply.

Length of Stay

Vacation rentals may be as short as 2 days or as long as 3 months max. Rentals longer than 3 months require renter signature of approval of our long term rental agreement and additional deposit.


As a guest of HomeSlice properties, you, your family, guests, children, agents, employees or visitors agree to abide by the “Rules of HomeSlice Stays” and applicable State laws. Renter must be at least 21 years old with a valid driver’s license or passport. Anyone who will be in the home during your stay is considered a guest and must be included in the guest count upon booking.


As a guest, you agree that the property owner shall not be liable for any damages or injury to you, your family, guests, agents, or employees while in our rental home. You are responsible for any lost items in the home and the repair of any damage to the home caused by you, your family, guests, agents, or employees.

Hold Harmless

As a guest, you agrees to indemnify and save harmless the Owner and HomeSlice Management from any and all costs, expenses, legal proceedings, attorney fees, suits, claims or demands whether from loss of life, damage to the property, or injury to the you, your agent, family, or guest entering the property of every kind and nature. In addition you agree to obey all laws and regulations of the community they are staying in. As a guest, you understands that upon violation of any conditions, agreements, restrictions, covenants, and obligations of this property by force or statutory proceedings, in which case any and all monies paid by you will be forfeited by you as liquidated damages in additions to and not in lieu or any rights or remedy available under law.

Termination of Agreement

Please note that HomeSlice Stays may terminate this rental agreement with you for convenience with or without cause at the management’s sole discretion and may terminate and or put you out of the property immediately if past due, cancelled or returned payment, damage to home, failure to abide by house rules or unsettled dispute or irreconcilable differences.

Condition of the Property

As our guest, you agree to keep home in good, clean condition, not to move or
rearrange furniture and promptly report any damage, inventory shortages and/or repairs needed for rental home. Management may replace item(s) or make repairs to the rental home at our sole discretion, and the owner shall have total control over our expenditures, just as you have total control of your vacation spending. As a guest, you agree not to access or open the properties locked sheds at property. An Agent or authorized employee/repairman may enter premises at reasonable hours any day for the purpose of effecting necessary repairs and inspections. Additionally, you agree not to use the property for any house/fraternity/sorority parties, youth groups, minors (unless accompanied by parents), or any unlawful, illegal or immoral purposes. If you have any questions, please call HomeSlice Stays.


All guests agree not to sublet or assign this rental agreement.

All guests agree to abide by our “Before You Leave” policy:

• Turn off all lights, TV, appliances, stereo, etc.

• Remove any trash or food that you brought into our rental home.

• Please place all dirty or used towels and linens on bathroom and bedroom floors, respectively. Please clean up kitchen, or clean dishes, glasses, utensils, etc.

• Use property vacuum, and clean up any spills (after clean up), sand or mess and leave home as you found it when you checked – in.

• Agree to not move any furniture, appliances, art, materials, etc.

• Please make sure front and porch doors and windows are all locked.

• An inspection of the rental home after your stay will be performed to evaluate the rental home condition for next guests.

• Return the air in the house to 79 degrees. Upon arrival, please inspect the property immediately (within first 60 minutes) or by 5:00 PM at the latest or please call the next day before noon (Sundays are okay to call us). Please call or email us of any specific problems within 60-min. of your check-in.

If you have a problem you must call HomeSlice Stays when you arrive at check-in or by above times.

As a guest, you agree not to demand or sue for refund of rental money in any case, whether, you check-out early, or you do not check-in, or if you stays the full time, and then complains after the fact.

All properties are considered clean, decent, safe and sanitary. Guest may not use cleanliness, ambiance / decor of home condition, etc.; or any reason other than a personal emergency (approved by owner in writing or verbal) to check-out early with refund.

The management and owner must have the opportunity to re-rent the home upon your early checkout and know of any and all problems, so that we may correct them at Owner / Manager’s sole discretion. We will come in and correct cleanliness of the home (if needed). On some rare occasions, the home may not be cleaned before your check-in, by inadvertent fault of cleaners, delays, scheduling mishap, etc. If home is not cleaned with fresh towels and linens upon check-in to our home or if you find any other problem(s), Guest agrees to call Management immediately, so that we can fix problem(s), as deemed necessary by Management.

Repairs that are the responsibility of the Management will be made at the Management’s sole discretion. Only emergencies, as approved by the management in writing, warrant early-check-out and or possible refund of rent money. Renter must request refund in writing and must be approved in writing by the Management before we refund any money or give credit towards next stay.

Guests agree to contact us immediately if you have problems with anything in the property, or guests incurs damage or loss of item(s) during your stay. Policies, rates, vacancy, info, pictures, movies, etc. are subject to change without notice.

Deep Cleaning Fee is $250 (Unauthorized parties / Excessively Dirty / Unauthorized Pet)

Furniture & Flooring Steam Cleaning _ Required if property was smoked in is $500

All Guests agree that if they have paid for the $1500 in “all-damage” insurance, this will cover any damage during their stay within reason. Although rare, accidental damage from guests does happen. Traditionally, this was managed via a security deposit or vacation rental damage insurance purchased by the guest. Both are cumbersome and often have big limitations in protection. With “all-risk” protection, all accidental damage from a guest is covered unless it’s specifically excluded such as, but not limited to, normal wear and tear, infestation, or prior damage.

Relax and Enjoy Your Stay
It’s vacation time, so enjoy it with the peace of mind knowing that if an accident happens and damage occurs, you are protected under Waivo!

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