Offering a truly unique service, HomeSlice brings it “high-tech, high-touch” to short-term rental and hospitality management. HomeSlice’s Ellie Paget introduces us to this one-stop-shop Valley business that is making waves in the housing and hospitality market.

What is HomeSlice and what services do you offer?  

HomeSlice is a national short-term rental management company. We aid our multifamily owners, operators and vacation rental investors in several layers:
Guest management/reservations
Smart tech integration/optimization and maximizing 

Who is your primary audience?

Property owners, multi-family and boutique hotel owners/investors seeking to engage with the hospitality-driven market of short-term rentals and want HomeSlice as a one-stop-shop property manager.

Tell us about the “hometel” concept?

We assist our guests in providing a high-tech, high-touch experience. Inside our Hometels, is the latest in smart technology, with a tablet a guest can customize their experience. We only provide the best amenities and facilitate local highly recognized partnerships. We even offer the best boutique artisans to provide tailored services. Guests can rent a Tesla with their stay or have a chef/private trainer/butler on call. They can go to a local restaurant and say “Hey HomeSlice” and get 15 percent off their order.

Home is a place within someone or somewhere that you feel you need to return to over and over. It’s our model to give people that sense wherever they go when they stay with us. As CEO, I am honored to witness these clients and guests feel like they are valued and appreciated. Energy is the world’s currency.

In what destinations do you have homes?

Coast to coast! D.C, Seattle, Austin, and Arizona

How do you go about choosing what homes you represent?

It’s down to a science. The data we pull from our competitive analysis software determines the feasibility of a properties success and then we decide what the risks and rewards are.

What is your No. 1 piece of advice for those looking to invest in a property?

Talk to us before you buy! After managing nearly 200 properties in 15 urban markets, I can tell you that being on one street to the size of bedrooms will be a stop or go in this industry.

Design-wise, what do you find that your clients are seeking? What about as far as services and location?

Each client brings such a diverse vision and momentum to their aesthetic and vignette. That is the greatest reward is bringing to life their dreams of a rental home that they themselves get to treat their friends and family too. The services we provide are all custom and all are covered in the management with HomeSlice so it’s not a la carte menu. I recognize most clients are predominately from Arizona; all clients currently are referral based.

Contact us:

Phone: 480-463-4630