Ep 159: Single mom builds a $1 million AirBnB portfolio | Ellie Paget

07:13 – It’s all about ranking on Google which is if you are number one Google for AirBnB Management, you’re gonna have 9 million leads a week.

09:50 – Arbitrage is super risky, says Ellie.

10:18 – For as far as property management, Co-Hosting is really cool because you gel all these different types of homes.

10:47 – When you are a property manager, you are not only on the hospitality aspect for the guest, but you are on the hospitality aspect for the owners. It is a unique experience and relationship that is really fun if you can get it right.

11:33 – If you want to set yourself apart from others, you should provide a quality service and make sure owners have a direct line to you and always available to support them.

13:32 – After doing so many properties, you will learn who the perfect kind of owner is for you. This is a driving industry so I need to be selective now that I’ve got to this point of success, and choose who I want to partner with.

14:01 – It is always helpful if you are working with someone that you can have very genuine fluid conversations with.

17:59 – You have to understand your client, whether it is a landlord side of it or is the person that’s gonna be the guest.

19-19 – DACK is a free guest app that provides the ultimate stay experience. From the app, you can set temperatures, you can also set the lights, the music, and you can actually use the app as the remote to see recommendations and the guide book for the house.

23:35 – Whenever there’s challenges, you either sink or you swim. You have to face those challenges.

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