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Ellie Paget
Founder & Chief Executive Officer, HomeSlice Stays

Ellie Paget is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of HomeSlice Stays. At HomeSlice, they provide the most authentic, trusted homes, and believe travel should be accented with every piece as extraordinary and exceptional as the first experience. Paget started HomeSlice in February 2019, and through organic growth, within 6 months has scaled to over 50+ units in four major metropolitan cities. Ambitious and confident in the trajectory for HomeSlice, she is already developing new concepts with family offices, multifamily developers, and investors seeking to diversify by adding hometels into their portfolios. Paget has 16 years of experience in hospitality.

In addition to her roles with HomeSlice, Paget is a successful real estate agent who earned a D.C Real Estate License from Greater Capital Area Association of REALTORS®. With GreenLine Real Estate in Washington D.C. as well as a private pilot license in Scottsdale Arizona. She was previously a director of operations at Manorshare and before that, a sous chef at Brasserie Beck by Robert Wiedmaier. Earlier in her career she worked onboard a National Geographic cruise ship in Alaska.