It’s no secret: first impressions are everything in the vacation rental industry. If your rental doesn’t foster a warm and inviting environment, you’ll unlikely attract more bookings and positive ratings. Your vacation rental’s interior design plays a crucial role in captivating new guests. A few simple changes
can make noticeable changes to your property’s look and aesthetic. Look at some of our previous full service designs we created for our clients here.
Let’s discuss the top five tips and tricks you can use to update your vacation rental interior design:

Add a Splash of Colors and Styles
Combine different styles with complementing colors to refresh your interior and give it a unique look. Did you know that blue is the most popular in different countries across the globe? Adding colors that invoke a friendly and comfy environment plays a critical role in capturing new bookings.

Create a Clutter-Free Environment
Nobody enjoys living in a dirty and cluttered vacation rental. Avoid exaggerating decorative items, adding too many plants and artwork, and using the wrong furniture. It’s best to leave empty spaces around the room to create a clutter-free environment.

Ensure there is Adequate Light
Place a lamp or overhead lighting in your rental where people might need them. Travelers will need it to read guide books, travels books, maps, etc.

Mix and Match Your Furniture Sets

Matching furniture sets are a trend of the past. If you want to attract guests, add a little personality to your vacation rental and try mixing and matching your furniture sets. Consider the color, scale, proportion, and contrast of each piece of furniture before you invest it.

Create a Comfortable Layout
Avoid throwing in different furniture sets and accessories. Instead, put some thought into the layout and focus on creating a warm environment. Ensure the rental space is usable by the guests and allows them to enter and exit.

Portray the Region
Increase the appeal and beauty of your vacation rental with a couple of smart investments. Focus on adding unique details like local art and vintage furniture to create a warm and homey experience. You may even integrate colors and patterns that depict the region to offer travelers a unique local experience.
Avoid Impossible to Clean Items
Your goal is to create a luxurious and clean vacation rental. That means steering clear of difficult-to- clean shag rugs, thick comforters, etc. We recommend you eliminate soft surfaces like carpets with non-porous flat ones. Instead, add a rug that brings warmth and beauty to your living room.

Invest in Throw Pillows

Invest in colorful and cozy throw pillows that add a splash of color and character to your vacation rental. Ensure that you don’t forget to trim tags and loose threads from your cushions- it’s not chic.

Add Character with Unique Décor

One of the primary reasons people book vacation rentals is to enjoy the local experience. So, focus on offering travelers a unique guest experience.

Avoid decorating your rental with generic art and furniture. Instead, use local ornaments, art pieces, and home goods to offer an authentic experience.

Focus on the Details

Offer travelers a five-star worthy experience by remembering the details. Consider leaving extra hangers in the closet or pillows. Place carefully arranged and beautiful flowers to freshen the living rooms. Or add an elegant living room table to add beauty to your vacation rental. Your décor also allows your guests to learn about your personality, so don’t hesitate to sprinkle your personality through unique pieces.

Hang Hooks throughout the Rental

Your guests will need a place to hang their towels, clothes, robes, cosmetic bags, etc. Avoid being stingy with hooks; instead, put them in the following areas:

  • Bathrooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Front Hall
  • Kitchen

Create the Perfect Color Palette

Basing your color palette on your specific rental is an excellent yet straightforward way of captivating guests. For instance, using blues and turquoises for a beach destination reflects seaside shades. On the other hand, using woody elements and natural palettes in countryside homes creates an authentic outdoor feeling. But remember not to overdo your patterns and styles.

Mix Vintage and Contemporary Furnishing to Create an Authentic Experience

Combine vintage furnishing with modern items to offer guests a high-end and authentic feel.

Don’t Buy Furniture of the Same Height

Buying furniture of the same height makes your rental look stuffy and awkward. Create a balance of different sizes and proportions to create a complete and beautiful look.

Choose Comfortable Interior Colors

Ensure your guests feel relaxed and cozy by selecting warm interior lighting. Invest in warm-colored light bulbs to keep your guests comfortable and carefree after discovering the region. You may also strategically place tables and floor lamps through the vacation rental.

Invest in Durable and Comfy Furniture

Instead of purchasing low-quality furniture that lasts several months, make smart investments that will start for years to come. Your furniture should offer comfort while withstanding wear and tear.

Hire a Cleaning Service

No guest wants a filthy rental property where they’ll have to wipe counters, tubs, and showers themselves. Offer a fantastic guest experience by hiring a cleaning service that thoroughly cleans each room before renters start their stay.

Give Attention to Your Outdoor Space

Outdoor spaces play a significant role in attracting guests and improving their experience. Instead of purchasing inexpensive plastic chairs that break within a month, look for weather-resistant, durable outdoor furniture.

Invest in a Couple of High-Touch Items

Create a luxurious guest experience by investing in a few high-touch items that guests will interact with, like sleeper sofas, coffee tables, etc.

The Bottom Line

Furnishing or redecorating your vacation rental is an excellent way of ensuring it looks inviting and can withstand wear and tear. But with the rental industry changing rapidly, it can be challenging to stay up-to-date with the latest interior design trends. Luckily, the right vacation rental management team can help you gain a competitive edge while creating a customized property listing. 

Our professionals at HomeSlicesStays help you earn more bookings while feeling more relaxed. Allow us to take the stress of bookings, providing guests support, reinvigorating your rental space, and inspection off your shoulder! Book an appointment today to enjoy luxury property management services. 

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